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A Russian pangram
provided by Maxim Zhukov

Download a Word .doc version for Microsoft Word (requires a Unicode-encoded font with the Cyrillic alphabet, such as the latest Arial and Times New Roman from Microsoft).

Transliteration: "V chashchakh yuga zhil-byl tsitrus...--da, no falshiviy ekzemplyar!"

English: "In the thickets of the South once there was a citrus...--yes, but a fake specimen!"

"The pangram's author is unknown. The legend has it that it was put together in late 19th-early 20th century by some anonymous Russian telegrapher, and used as a keyboard check ever since. This vague attribution is highly suspicious, though: telegraph-keys, not keyboards, were used by telegraphers at that time, to generate Morse-coded messages. Oh, well."

(All quotes from Maxim Zhukov.)