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Rafael Peixoto Ferreira


Age: 31; Living in Campinas, Brazil, Rafael Peixoto Ferreira has 8 years experience in graphic design, art and creative direction, right now he also teaches graphic design in the University. He Loves everything about typography.

He wrote articles for the Brazilian Publish Magazine and Design Grafico Magazine, he also has been featured in Communication Arts magazine in the "Creative in South America" article.

His favorite Type Designers: William Morris, Neville Brody, Carlos Segura, Rick Valicentti, P. Scott Makela, Jan Tschichold, Doyald Young.

His favorite Studios: Mark Palmer Design, Mike Salisbury Communications, Landor, Attic, Designers Republic, Tomato, Segura Inc and my company.

ButtonRafael Peixoto Ferreira: rfdesign(at)dglnet.com.br

ButtonRafael Ferreira Design: http://radar.dglnet.com.br/rafael/design