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Typographic Events

Links to events for 1999 that deal with the design, production, distribution, use, and protection of type.

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ButtonFeb 18-19, 2000:
InfoArcadia symposium Information design and information landscapes The Hague, The Netherlands

ButtonFeb 23-26, 2000:
TEDX (Richard Saul Wurman)
Monterey, California, USA

ButtonFeb 23-25, 2000:
Strategic Integration of Art and Interface Design. San Francisco, USA

ButtonJune 12-14, 2000:
Forum 2000.
Technical communicators leading the way. ISTC. Commonwealth centre, London, England

ButtonJuly 10-11, 2000:
Infodesign 2000 - annual conference of the Information Design Network & Information Design Association (UK). Technocentre, Coventry, England.

ButtonJuly 13-15, 2000:
IIID Vision Plus 8.
Turning Information into Corporate Knowledge/Innovative Information Management:
A Design Challenge. International Institute for Information Design. Vienna, Austria

ButtonJuly 19-20-21, 2000:
Symposium of Information Visualisation Theory & Practice University of London, London, England

ButtonAug 14-18, 2000:
UPA 2000, Designing the New Millenium Today Asheville, North Carolina

ButtonSept 1-3, 2000:
An International Conference on the Theory and Application of Diagrams. University of Edinburgh

ButtonNov 6-8, 2000:
IIID 2000:
Design of User Manuals International Institute for Information Design Expert Forum. Eskilstuna, Sweden