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Typo-L FAQs
(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe?

Easily. From the address you want to receive or cease receiving, send messages to the Listserv robot.

ButtonTypo-L Subscribing for more on subscribing to Typo-L.

How do I post to the List?

Use the email address of the list in a new message from your email program. You must be subscribed before you can post.

What questions or remarks may be posted to the List?

Anything related to typography (the use of type, text, and letterforms) or type design (the creation of typefaces), though this latter also has its own more specialized List.

How do I reply to a message?

From your email program, select the Reply option (somewhere; there are many many email programs).

When you see your Reply window, select all the text you are Not replying to or commenting on, and Delete it. Doing this removes extra text and leaves you with "quoted" text to which you will address your comments.

Place your cursor below the remaining text and type out your reply to the quoted text.

This is the reply style that is preferred by all wise and knowing, clueful and caring, thoughtful and thinking people worldwide. This style of reply is chronological, concise, follows the rules and habits of all conversation, and is mindful of the bandwidth used to transmit and the capacity to store messages.

The practice of TOFU - Text of reply Over, Full quoted text Under - is an aberration, an abomination, and will have negative impacts on your standing in Lists and Groups worldwide. TOFU is the default style for Outlook Express; the setting can be changed.

ButtonA comparison of posting structures

More on posting styles:

ButtonAbout News-Posting, by J R Stockton

ButtonNNQ: Quoting Style in Newsgroup Postings

ButtonA beginner's guide to effective email

May I post images or attachments with my messages?

No, you may not and cannot. Many readers of Typo-L have limited bandwidth and also pay for time using their phonelines. Images and attachments are filtered out by the server software, so they won't transmit anyway.

But I've got a hot typographic image that I want to spread around!

Place it on your webpages, or ask if someone is willing to do that for you. Readers can then view at their convenience.

What's the best format for posting a URL (Universal Resource Locator)?

Include the entire URL, enclosed in angle brackets ( < and > ). That means including the protocol (http:// or ftp:// etc.) and the server and domain name.

With the URL complete, you make it easy for most email programs to launch the appropriate application for that protocol: a web browser or viewer for http (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), an FTP client for ftp (File Transfer Protocol).

Using angle brackets around the complete URL helps to keep multi-line URLs intact for most email programs, which in turn makes it possible for a reader to open the entire multiline URL accurately.

Should I use HTML features in email?

No. HTML in email is a feature-bloat. It also can present a security risk if the HTML includes Essence of Impure Evil (JavaScript and ActiveX). Please post in plain text.

What language is used on Typo-L?

Rarely, very colorful language. But the major language of discourse is English, of many varieties and levels of competency. Many readers are multilingual, and may be relied on for short translations of very brief passages of a typographic subject text.

Are there any forbidden topics?

Yes indeedely, neighbor; there are two Forbidden Topics. They are:

  1. What's that cool typeface used on. . . ?
  2. Somebody gimme that cool typeface used on. . . ?

For #1: Ask the Designer of the work or website.

For #2: This is an invitation to piracy, to which few or none of the List readers will take kindly.

I don't like a particular person or topic on the List.

Use your email program's Filter or Killfile function. Don't leave the list just because of one or two unpleasant threads.

Who hangs out in Typo-L?

The crême de la crême. Everyone on Typo-L is extra-special. There are some famous, less famous, and may become famous here.

Why isn't this FAQ page about type and typography?

Type and typography is what the List is for.

FAQs about type and typography will be placed on another page as they are asked.

gjm 2001-09-28