Leila Singleton


My typophilia surfaced before I knew what a typeface was...I just knew as a child that I liked the "writing" in some books better than others. Eager to move on from mere printing, I taught myself a bastardized version of cursive in the first grade, and by grade three was convinced that I had invented small caps. Italics came in fourth grade, and experiments rendering serifed letters by hand followed soon after.

Today, my preoccupation with type surfaces in my work as a graphic designer: I hold a BFA from the Savannah College of Art & Design and graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2003, honored for "Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design." I have worked as an art director since and also keep busy with personal projects. Some honors include a web banner selected for rotation on the Typographica: A Journal of Typography website, a winning entry in the ONE Condoms 2005 Design Contest, and a banner hanging in Times Square, NYC as a part of the AIGA's Urban Forest Project exhibition.

My favorite letter is the lowercase g, and my latest handwriting innovation is a two-story cursive g that, much to my delight, is an integral part of my signature.

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