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Your Name

Your text here, two or three paragraphs. Be sure your picture is 72 x 100 pixels, and keep it less than or equal to 10K.

If you would like to markup your text yourself, remember that, in HTML4.01 markup, paragraph text should be placed between the <p> (for paragraph start) and </p> (for paragraph end) tags.

If you need to use accented, diacritic letters, or other non-ascii characters, ask for the appropriate entity encoding. As a general rule, use stupid quotes (") or (') instead of smart quotes.

For the sake of easy management, please name your picture:

lastname.jpg (or .gif)

and your document:


so they occur in the same place in a directory.

If none of this makes any sense, then just send your copy and photo to Gary at gmunch@pipeline.com. Thanks.

PS: Your information will not be extracted for you from a pdf or from your website. Text will be added to your page only as you compose it.

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